iOS or Android – Which operating system will be more productive and profitable

ios or android

When a developer takes on a new app development project, the first thing that comes to his mind is whether to go for a native or hybrid app. The next thing is a choice between two operating systems iOS or Android. Every single person will have a question in their mind about which platform to be used for developing an app. Every business will adopt a profit-oriented approach. The app developer will be finalizing the strategies which deliver the best possible outcome. The choice between the two operating systems certainly relies on the requirements of the company, its reach, target consumer segments, mobile marketing strategies, and also on its promotion time.

What should we look at before deciding upon an operating system for an app?

Let’s have a look at certain factors that should be taken into consideration while deciding upon an operating system for an app.

  • Looking at the revenue

The mobile app market is around USD 206.85 billion in 2022 worth and android dominates the market at 72%. But in terms of revenue generation, iOS is generating double revenue in comparison to android. So an app developer has to determine whether he is looking to make money via direct app cost or by in-app purchases.

  • Demographic view

The android platform has the largest global share but it is more prominent in low-income areas. iOS platform is being utilized by users with relatively higher incomes and they are spending more per app. So an app developer has to keep in mind target consumers before choosing the right operating system.

  • Look at the lead time

Android apps are taking more time in comparison to iOS apps. Android platform is much more robust and facilitates the users to update their apps more frequently. Find out the platform which your target audience is more frequently using and then it will make it easier for you to fix up the lead time as well.

  • Find out whether the app is free or the paid

When developers are looking to build free apps that might be paying later, they have to look at the in-app monetization as well as the upfront monetization for both the android and the iOS platforms. In-app advertisements are one of the common ways the generation of revenue streams for mobile applications.

Both android or iOS platforms have their own limitations and strengths

Both android and iOS platform have their own limitations and strengths. Although it is tedious to develop iOS-based apps, it is still a way ahead in the race of android development. And android is providing the benefit of a better developmental framework. It actually depends on the need of the app developer that lets him decide whether to go for iOS or android based applications.

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