Packetalk TVAPP

About the Company

Our client Packetalk technologies are providing high tech CCTV surveillance. They had given astounding results by using IP based, wireless infrastructures, intelligent relay systems, newly developed high resolution cameras and fail safe transmission systems. They already had digital software for caring out surveillance in the Willingboro area.
They came up with a slightly different perspective towards us, for creating a software solution similar to their existing one but with much change of parameters. They asked for a solution where they can manage their trailer and all related data to it. With that, their main admin can fully access the share point wherein they can manage which camera and trailer will be screened and shared to whom.


Going through to the client’s overview and their requirements, we were all processed to develop website solution. While making the software the major challenge was that their SNMP OID (Simple Network Management Protocol) i.e. binary data was to be formatted into decimal data for inserting it into the software.


After proper analysis done by our tech team, came up with a solution wherein the entire software will be created in .net i.e. front-end and back-end. Our software will fetch data from their SNMP data and will code into our website for real time data. In every 10 minutes the data will be fetched for any new updates.


Some of the unique features provided from our side are as follow:
  1. Can add users and manage them easily.
  2. According to the users role, can access the website.
  3. Not just cameras they can even add their trailers and its data for managing its operations accordingly.
  4. Different group can be formed according to the assignment.
  5. Camera and trailers can be assigned to other users according to the admin choice.
  6. Camera controlling feature were enabled.
  7. Trailer can be traced easily with the help of mapping.
  8. Solar vitals of the trailer were shown in detail and their past data were also available to check.
  9. Different gauges are set for the trailer and solar vitals and were formed by setting certain ratios to it.


Our clients were highly satisfied with delivered website solution, as they are benefitted quite well. Some of the benefits are as follow:
  1. Controlling power and data secrecy can be made.
  2. Mapping made it easy for tracing the trailer in an emergency situation.
  3. Real time events can be noted and necessary steps can be taken quickly.
  4. Officials can be informed with accurate details at right time.
  5. Chances of data manipulation decreases.
  6. Clips are even stored in the software for maintaining the records.
A notable remark over here is that with satisfactory result for the website, client even shared this software to their other regional branches.