About the Company

Our USA based client Cordero group is crime investigating department in Camden. They were having their digital platform to maintain their crime database.
They connected with us with an ideology to give a new face to their crime reporting database and improving analysis tool. They want to convert and combine their existing crime reporting and analysis tools into a proactive, centralized system that improves the efficiency of their existing force.


Knowing the clients requirements, we decided to develop a powerful and comprehensive web-based record management system using .NET and angularJS. The major challenge faced while working on it was to check the data accuracy of the data from their existing data base with new inserted database. Even have to enable feature for screening live data in the software.


Going through the client’s requirements and the challenges, our tech team came up with a solution wherein the front end will be developed in angular JS and back end will be developed in .net here, the back-end is the job which is the mediocre between the clients data base and our develop software. So after every 25 seconds the server will fetch data from job to show live records and maintain the data base.


Various unique features were added in the software to make the clients usage easier and quicker.
Some of them are as follow:
  • Different gauges were designed to bifurcate the data and analysis it easily.
  • The four main gauges were Day, WTD, 28 Day and YTD.
  • Three options are provided under each gauge i.e. SHIFT, DRILL & MAP.
  • Every data base recorded is sorted according to the shift i.e. morning, evening or night.
  • There are 7 crimes enabled in the software.
  • Mapping of the crime is included.
  • Two type of map layers and four map types are included in the software to get accurate information.
  • Precinct and sector wise comparison can be made.
  • Types of graphs are shown to have better understanding.
  • Alert notifications can be generated and scheduled for sending reports to anyone.
  • Units can be created and managed.
  • In an uncertain situation, client can edit the crime type once the report is inserted.


After delivering the software, the clients were satisfied with the end results. Our solution offered multiple benefits to the clients, which are as follow:
The clients were able to reap multiple benefits such as:
  • Systematic reporting flow helped the client to streamline their reporting processes and manage each and every data systematically.
  • Detailed reports were available which assisted the officials with right information at right time.
  • Quicker action and decision making process.
  • Improves the efficiency and accuracy of the data.
  • Clear picture of increase or decrease in the crime ratio can be known.
  • Can get preventive for any future miseries.