Diamond Mela

About the Company

Our client Diamond Mela provides one of the wide ranges of certified diamond jewelry online for its clients. The jewelry is a combination of high craftsmanship, unique designs, superior quality, and unbeatable pricing.
Our client wanted to have its franchise all over India. For that they wanted to have digital online platform wherein they can provide the franchise holder to order both in store and make to order in bulk. And also, they can manage their products, accounts, payments, stocks and even vendors details.


With this ideology our client approached us to develop software where they can manage every detail business operation on digital platform. As our team has expertise and experience in dealing with similar software solutions. Our Laravel development team was adept and had offered two
software solutions wherein the front-end will be for the customers and back-end will be for the merchandisers to manage every business operation.

Though, some challenges faced over here were:

  • Data migration to be done from magento to laravel as the previous website was built in magento.
  • Image references were to be updated directly from the software.
  • While ordering any product according to the size selected the diamond were also getting changed in it.
  • Rates of diamond are changed from previous ones as now the rates will be calculated in the form of any selected 9 quality rate which is inbuilt.
  • Colour stone calculation was to be enabled.
  • They want to enable MM size calculation for the round diamonds and other diamonds should be calculated on carats.
  • Making master for category inclusion and exclusion.
  • Need to change the QR code for the website and the software separately as in previous one it was same for both.
  • To enable customization of diamond size in the issue voucher.
  • Before adding raw inventory for diamonds different phases of diamond were to be added.
  • Checking diamond inventory with the order module without having proper data.
  • Unique stock page construction.
  • To add filter with dependency for category and sub category for checking diamond and metal quality.


Further our tech analyst team examined the challenges and the requirement of the client, had come up with an outline for the software and website development. Seeing to the challenges for the intense calculations the team came up with Algorithm method of calculation and was coded in the software manually.


Overcoming all challenges faced by our developing team for giving a result which is as per the requirement of the client. We were successfully able to deliver both a software wherein all company’s business operations can be handled and a website for their customers to have e-commerce platform for best shopping experience.
The clients were able to reap multiple benefits such as:
  • Ease in maintaining their orders, stocks, payments, accounts, vendors detail, etc.
  • Easier for their customers to connect and able to order in bulk.
  • Rates of product can be easily calculated through the automatic calculation method setup in the software.
  • Quicker in providing cost estimation to their customers and boost their sales growth.
  • Can manage all their company’s data at one place safely.
  • The client has outgrown in terms of business with large customer base and increasing franchise outlets.
  • One-stop solution to maintain all their business operations.