Blockchain Development Services

Leverage Blockchain Adoption with our Robust and Seamless Solutions

Leverage Blockchain Adoption with our Robust and Seamless Solutions

GrapesTech Solutions offers comprehensive Blockchain development solutions including shared ledger, distributed ledger, and the like. Our host of offerings drive adoption and integration of blockchain networks with third-party systems, amplifying its value in the long run.

Our innovation lab with blockchain utilizes the real-world experience that combines blockchain technology and business processes seamlessly for clients. From tracking to transfer of money or from stock reports to insurance contracts, our blockchain solutions have the power to transform businesses across different applications. We help clients boost time to market to capture blockchain’s real value.

Types of Blockchain Services Offerings

We provide custom blockchain development services for varied platforms, protocols, and ledgers, including Ripple, Hyper ledger, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

We develop solutions for distributed ledger technology, including crypto currencies, hash algorithms, and architectures. Our work on consensus protocols includes several models, which eliminate errors and third parties for security purposes.

Blockchain Mining Software

Our Blockchain experts can manage crypto currency mining that includes top-notch general ledger security. We integrate ASIC chips within mining hardware and also deliver solutions for double-round hash verification that boost transaction verifications every minute. We also offer performance dashboard solutions and are quite adept at creating decentralized networks for several mining pools.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

We program smart contracts and supply decentralized solutions for several industries including e-commerce and gaming, among others. We code diverse smart contracts that can register intellectual property, validate eligibility for insurance, generate credit notes for international transactions, etc. Our smart contract solutions ensure wholesome data integrity and performance too.

Blockchain Exchange Applications

Our blockchain application services include wallet app development and exchange platforms too. We program several attributes that are crucial for trading multiple crypto currencies, auto-generation of public and private keys, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and data history assessment of any block. Our apps boast of robust security and encryption standards too.

Blockchain Banking Solutions

We deliver blockchain solutions for banking institutions, including transactions through crypto currency. We help banks release payments upon delivery securely and robustly, for financing international trade and transfer of loans. Our solutions adhere to KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.

Our Blockchain App Development Process

Assess opportunities with our assessment framework

Develop prototypes of the idea for further implementation

Design and implement blockchain use cases & evaluate with client needs

Implement blockchain solutions with thorough process considerations

Test the applications based on scalability, performance and robustness of security.

Integrate partner systems with suitable consensus & governance mechanisms.

Deploy blockchain apps and solution with timely updates

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Blockchain Development Company

Capitalize on the opportunity for implementing Blockchain solutions

Our experience in implementing blockchain applications serves us in good stead in offering unmatched expertise to navigate your blockchain journey seamlessly

Boost awareness about blockchain’s possibilities

We contextualizes blockchain for client’s business, exploring the challenges and benefits along the way, and deliver solutions based on use cases and applicability. We devise solutions that meet the goals of the organization.

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