Packetalk Alert System

About the Company

Our client wanted to create a software called Packetalk Alert System in which it can create an alert for the police if there is any break of traffic rule through police monitored CCTV cameras present on the crossroads by capturing the make and model of the vehicle with their number plate.
The software allows police to get the start and end location of the vehicle based on the data captured through CCTV cameras. Breaking of any rule creates an HIT in the software which later if is linked to any event creates an alert for the officials.


According to the overview given by our clients and noting their requirements, we decided to develop a software solution which could filter the raw data in a manner which is user friendly to interpret the important information in real time .
The software will be of great help for the officials to take quick action on any event so that its future occurrence can be prevented.
The whole software is to be created in PHP and the database is kept in MySQL.
The front-end is developed in Angular and Node has been used for back-end APIs.
The front-end is where officials can see the filtered data of the rule break , while the backend is where the admin or the officials can check the reported incidents and can take actions according to CCTV camera assigned to them in their region.


Some of the important features of the software are as follow:
  • Data processing was the biggest challenge faced by the client , which through our software was reduced to 10 mints.
  • With the help of live cameras, the officials can easily track the movement of the vehicle who breaks the rule immediately or if the vehicle’s number plate is connected to any event.
  • When an alert has been issued related to one of the HITS , it offers 2 filter option to the police to track the vehicle based on real-time in which green dot shows the start and red dot shows the current location of the vehicle. Through threshold filter option, user can track that vehicle’s number plate on basis of different time periods.


With developing the software and successfully delivering it to the client, the clients have been highly benefitted by it. Some of the benefits are :
  • Quicker action can be taken by the police officials.
  • The software will be very user-friendly for agencies and their operators.
  • Real-time information can be received by the officials for quicker decision making.
  • While investigating the crime or incident, with access to a live camera what happened exactly before the incident took place can be noted.
  • Decrease in rule breaking ratio can be seen.
  • It is said to be a quicker mode of tracking no of rule breaks and helps preventing the future crimes.